Beauty - Everyday in Tuscany

Friday, July 27, 2012

Okay, maybe not every day....but Tuscany really is this beautiful. So yes, most days. Something about the light...and the breeze....and the sunset. Here are some pictures from a Sunday BBQ at our friends Hilly & Cristian's house in Castelfalfi. We've been lucky enough to attend a couple of these get-togethers at their gorgeous home, and both times we've left very full, quite buzzed, and extremely happy to be in Italy. These food and conversation filled afternoons have a knack for capturing everything we came here for.

We'll start off with everyone's favorite wine and cheese, then dine on farro salad, burrata, grilled pork, homemade bread, white beans, and sausage... then round things up with homemade limoncello, biscotti and fresh melon gelato. All interspersed with dips in the pool, walks in (and admiration of) the veggie garden, and in the most recent case - live music and scooter rides to the nearby ruins. 

Meeting people from all over the world and really being able to experience the Everyday life of Tuscany has been one of our favorite parts of being here, and I'm so appreciative of the people who have given us that opportunity. Not everything here is perfect, but it's hard not to think so during these festive and beautiful afternoons. We have more farm, garden and travel pics lined up so we'll be back soon :). 

In the meantime, here are some cose di interesse:

  • maybe I'm late to the bandwagon here, but I just discovered this amazing B&B finder/apartment renter. Can't wait to use it to book a place in Sicily (hopefully!) next month.
  • I want to remember these tips on how to meet new people in a city - I'm sure they could come in handy no matter where Jim & I end up next!
  • this just confirms my need to go on an African safari.
  • and this confirms my need to visit Alaska! Such beautiful photos.
And also, it's time to harvest our beautiful plums - has anyone made jam before? I'm thinking of giving it a try...

Hanno un buon weekend ragazzi!


  1. We are glad the photos inspired you - and YES you do need to go on a safari!

    We have plenty more stories and photos coming!

    1. can't wait to check them out, so far they have been drool-worthy!

  2. I'm so jealous, I was in Italy this time last year and miss it terribly...have fun!

  3. that looks nothing short of spectacular..
    Love the tips on meeting people.. we are planning a big move and have been worriedabout meeting people!

  4. being able to meet people from all around the world sounds like such a perfect way to experience life. these pictures are beautiful!!
    xo TJ


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