WWOOFing and EEAATing

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ciao ragazzi, I hope everyone's summer has started off swimmingly! I cannot believe July is here already - our first month and a half has really sped by. We spent the last few weeks of June really working. We no longer had our Newbie status as an excuse and we clearly knew the tasks at hand, so we just went at it. Plus, our friends Meg and Tony were visiting as WWOOFers! I knew Tony from our semester abroad together in Florence seven years ago (ew, seven, what??), so when I learned that they are taking an entire year to travel the world together I knew I had to reach out to see if they'd want to swing through Tuscany. 
They agreed to try WWOOFing out and ended up joining us at Vallibonci for 2 weeks! Having the extra helping hands really amped up our productivity around here. Plus, it was awesome to have the company. We embraced the festivity of having guests and had many a delicious meal. And many a bicchiere di vino. T&M have some great posts about our pizza dinner & our farm fresh breakfast sandwich, so check those out for more. 

Thanks so much for coming guys!


We also spent the end of June getting to know our surroundings here in Tuscany, since we finally got our scooter. It's amazing. It's everything I dreamed of. Every trip to the market is like driving into a painting...Tuscany really is just too picture perfect for words. Here are some shots of an evening in our adorb little town, Montaione, where we grabbed dinner last week. It's a tiny town but it has everything we need, and I just love going to the various small shops for our prosciutto, our fresh fruits and veggies, our limoncello etc. as opposed to always hitting up the big old supermarket. Plus, the shopkeepers are really helping us learn our Italian!

I have pics of San Gimignano and Florence to share, so there will be more very soon!

p.s. for those of you city dwellers, Green City Growers is supporting a new book all about successful veggie gardening in urban and suburban areas, but they need just a bit more funding to make sure the book happens. Help out if you can!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! This looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Food looks too good! Pictures are really great!
    Keep them coming.


  3. Allie! Just was creeping through your posts and saw this one... don't know how I missed it!

    7 years really does sound terribly gross... let's pretend it's not that long ago. Also, all of these pictures make me want to go back and hang with you guys some more.

    I do love to see that you and Jim are putting that scooter to good use... it deserved better than just our dude scootin'.

  4. Peace from Jenks Beach in the double P


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