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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ciao ragazzi! Time for a recap of our first real excursion off of the farm ("real" = on our own + more than 15 minutes away) to San Gimignano. It's a beautiful medieval hill town about 30 km from here, and it was perfect for our first getaway since it's decently close and able to be conquered in half a day.  We shopped, we walked, we ate panini, we ate gelato, and we enjoyed our time off the farm.

Such a lovely place! After enjoying the shops and walking through the streets we left the city walls and found a really nice nature path with amazing views of surrounding Tuscany.

Day Recap

  • Thorns: guess I'd say too many tourists, but I didn't really mind them. And I was terrified for a few moments on that scooter...
  • Buds: psyched to explore more of Tuscany!
  • Roses: the best part of the day was probably the scooter ride. Navigating the curvy back roads and flying past the gorgeous Tuscan vineyards and hill towns was extremely beautiful and freeing. We also loved this tiny little bookstore we found with tons of Italian gardening, cooking and nature books. And of course, the gelato. Cocco and ananas all the way. Yum!

We'll be back soon ragazzi - pics of Florence to come!


  1. ‎Grazie per aver condiviso la tua vita con noi...
    Thank you for sharing your life with us....


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