White Sand Frolicks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to New Mexico! We entered NM with some ideas in mind but with zero actual plans, so as usual we winged it and had an awesome time exploring around. After leaving Telluride we made it almost all the way to Albuquerque and camped for the night at the Coronado Monument campground, right on the Rio Grande. Allie was freaked out by the campground's creepy silence, wide openness and light-less bathrooms but we were tired enough to get some sleep!

We then woke up for a long day of driving and exploring, up to Santa Fe, down to the White Sands south of Alamagordo, then back up to Roswell to sleep for the night.


When we arrived at the White Sands National Monument, our minds were blown. We had no idea it would be this amazingly gorgeous! 275 square miles of pure white sand, plopped in the middle of the desert?? Here is a sampling of the approximately 1,256,433 pictures we took at this place.

 The gorgeous, vast dunes called for a lot of running, dancing, gallivanting and yoga practicing.

Loved it.

Then, we made it up to a little place near Roswell to sleep for the night. This time, Jim was the one who was freaked (the aliens, you see...). Nonetheless, we made it through the night and woke up for another day of trucking it through the New Mexico desert! Through Roswell, Carlsbad and everything in between, before crossing into Texas.

By 11pm, we'd made it ALL the way across western TX and into Austin. Stories and pics from Austin to follow!

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  1. My I don't want the pictures or stories to end!


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