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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry for the major hiatus!! We are of course home in Boston by now, and we did not mean to leave everyone off in New Mexico. Re-learning how to work, stay in one city for more than 12 hours, and eat vegetables again has been tough, ya know?! But we've made it work. Now on to what's important...the remainder of our trip!

We drove through the entirety of Texas (almost), arriving exhausted in Austin at about 11:30pm. It would have been oh so easy to fall asleep in the glorious air conditioned hotel room (our first real bed in quite awhile, mind you). But we were in Austin on a Saturday night! So out we went.
The nightlife there is seriously awesome, and just like everyone says, the live music scene there is unbelievable. We bar hopped a bit amongst the masses and then settled in at a place we liked: fun band + BLLs + hilarious people watching = good time.

The next day we woke up for some sightseeing and shopping, and though we couldn't do too much with the short time we had, we still got a great feel for the city. We swung by the capitol building, drove by Barton Springs, visited the Longhorns bookstore (where we both picked up burnt orange swag) then checked out South Congress Ave. Shopping in SoCo (as they call it) was amazing (for Allie) - don't go anywhere else for vintage cowboy boots!

Again, with the live music, and again with the food carts! Both of these things must make more of an appearance in Boston.
We had to say no to the puppies, so we cheered ourselves with some delicious BBQ snacks at Stubb's BBQ. The fried green tomatoes were hoovered too quickly to make it into a picture :) 

We finished off our visit with cold beers & free live symphony in the park.

Verdict: We'd love to visit it again. The city has such an awesome vibe, and it actually reminded us of Boston in some ways. Speaking of - can anyone think of any state capitals that are also awesome cities? Besides of course, Boston & apparently Austin? If I were to guess, maybe Honolulu...oh and sure, Santa Fe can sneak in there.

Next stop: New Orleans!

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