Whirlwind Day in Frisco

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You know those cities that you just have a feeling you'll love?? Then when you finally make it there, you're deathly afraid that the city will fail your expectations? Well, in this case, San Francisco did not disappoint.

We slowed it down a bit for this visit, which was much needed. We stayed the first night in San Mateo with my lovely, amazing cousin Ben and his generous & accommodating boyfriend Howard (thanks guys!!). The next night we were planning to move on to the next stop, but ended up being seduced by the infamous Scott Golden and his limitless pizza & Cupcake Sauv Blanc - thanks Scotty :).
We had about 7 hours in the city to conquer everything, so we just went for it! Here are pics from the trip...

one last shout out to Ben & Scott - thanks so much guys, sleeping in beds was an amazing treat!!


  1. Hey kids,

    So I checked the blog this am but didn't have a chance to comment; however, I have had the Full House intro song in my head ALL.DAY.LONG! Thaaaaanks for that one!

    Awesome photos, per usual. LOVE the attempted jumping shots - too cute.

    Glad you had a chance to see some fam and friends out there. I bet it was just amazing to sleep in a real bed!! Did you get to meet Darrell???

    Have fun!
    Meg xx

  2. PS: I've been practicing my handwriting so that it can look like this font. Is that weird?

  3. Don't hesitate to call if you need some tips with your self-timer jumping photos!

    (P.S. Can I request a jean short jumping photo, preferably somewhere in the deep south?)

  4. OMG please tell me you bought the entire "Prairie Babydolls" section for me!!!

  5. haha realizing all my comments are birthday gimme related so.....you guys are too fricken cute i am checking this site obsessively. allie you are too tan, must catch up! xoxoxo

  6. Also: i LOVE the music additions espesh The Stable Song. Made me feel cozy, like two love birds sleeping in a tent.


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