From Sea to Shining Lights (of Vegas)

Friday, July 29, 2011

After leaving San Fran, we headed down the California coast on Rte 1, taking in the ocean views. We were in no huge rush to get to Big Sur, so we stopped at a few of the awesome coastal towns along the way.

 We got to Big Sur just in time to take some pics of the ridiculous views before the sun started to go down.

Big Sur is a mystical, magical place. Maybe it was the fog, or the fact that we spent most of our time there driving around in the dark, or the fact that 99.9% of the roads there are windy dirty paths. Or maybe the fact that it has ocean and mountain views that are out of this world. This town had such an eery (awesome) feel to it, and our evening of driving to and fro across Big Sur won't soon be forgotten.

Long story short, we didn't end up staying in Big Sur as planned. We completely forgot that it was a Friday night in one of the most popular hiking/vacation spots in the area, and hadn't reserved a campsite (hey, you know you're really on vacation when you forget what day it is, right?). We had an awesome time driving around and exploring (as we searched for a place to sleep), caught some amazing views of the starriest skies ever, then decided to hit the road again! Next destination: Vegas.

 We drove as far as we could manage (before falling asleep) towards Vegas, and ended up crashing at a great campground called San Lorenzo County Park in King City, CA. The iphone app CampFinder has been amazingly helpful throughout this trip - highly recommended!
The next day, we continued the ride to Vegas...

 And then enjoyed an awesome night out in the city.

Please note:
  • We will definitely be returning to Big Sur at some point - there are so many awesome hikes & places to check out! Who's with us??
  • Allie's feet very shortly returned to normal appearance and ability.
  • Though camping in Vegas may seem like the best idea you've ever heard of, please check out the 100 degree forecast at 8am on your day-o-hangover before making this decision.


  1. Yellooo, kiddos!

    I got such a kick out of this latest update! Zzyzx road????!!!! Oh, do you even say that? I love that you were the only two people staying in a tent in Vegas....too funny! And Al, how did you get those disgusting, gangrene-infested feet clean?

    When are you heading eastbound? I feel like you have a LOT of miles to cover in one week or two is it??

    Take care! Have fun!

    <3 Meg

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Really had to go out on one up mikey and I from the last road trip, didnt ya? Well, I havent seen jean shorts yet, and I'm slightly disappointed... but I understand. Ohhh by the way, Ladio, Peju? can you go back and grab me a case of Provence? its pronounced Prooovannnnee, with a french twist.

    Keep it classy


    p.s. no, i dont understand. jean shorts. do it. for me.

  3. In case you were wondering, there ARE better, less uncomfortable, less painful, less dirty ways to "DO" Vegas! LOL! Next time!


  4. Love the photos and music! I need to know, what is behind you both in the lake in Hurricane. Was that the Loch Ness Monster or what? Miss you guys, and hope you can keep cool on your way to New Orleans! 143!

  5. Allie. You are a photographer. And a website designer. And a funny/sweet photo-captioner. Seriously, this website is AMAZING, almost as amazing as the adventure you guys are having. You look like you are having the best time in the world running wild and free across the nation. How incredible that you are having this experience! I'm very happy for you guys. Also, I would like you to document my next trip please, because you are INCREDIBLE at it.

    Have a safe rest of the trip!!!


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