Through the Redwood Forest

Saturday, July 23, 2011

After leaving the dunes we casually wandered down into Northern CA, stopping a few times along the way to take in views of the gorgeous coast....

The drive down 1 on the Oregon coast is loaded with awesome 'view points', state parks and recreational areas that, somehow, are ALL worth stopping for. If only there were time to explore every nook and cranny.

Taking a sunny picture of the ocean in the Pacific Northwest is tougher than getting Bin Laden over for dinner, but we managed a few great shots.


  1. You guys really are taking some amazing photographs! I hope you're as happy as you look! By the way, I think Bunyon and The Babe should be your new nicknames! Of course, that would mean Allie is an Ox...and that's just not right!

    Keep it going kids!

    Love Dad/Deano

  2. I love the redwood photos!! Allie - you look like a yoga goddess in front of that giant tree!

    Hope everything is going splendidly!



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