MendoCHEENO or MendoCEENO?!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

HUGE recommendation on Mendocino! Pronounce it as you will, it's awesome. P.s. it is pronounced MendoCEEno, but Jimbo and I had been practicing a lot of Italian at this point which should explain things :). It's everything you'd expect from a tiny coastal drive though Cali town. Hella expensive coffee, shops with cool wooden signs, gorgeous people.  Almost even better but not quite is this breakfast place in Fort Bragg to the north - Eggheads. We stopped for a minute because we were super duper hungry and basically stumbled into it - the nicest man in the world served up a BOMB waffle and equally tasty burrito stuffed with god knows what heavenly meat and veggies. We're getting a picture next time we go there!

Found a geocache jar full of goodies under that bench  ^^^


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  1. YAY! Sooo happy you guys liked Mendocino. It was one of my favorite spots on our trip. Keep exploring! :) Miss yew.


  2. Lookin Swole!! How many pushups did you do before that picture was taken? :-)


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