Dear 31

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Written on the last hour of my 31st birthday...

Dear 31,

A new year for us! How fun. It is bittersweet somehow, because 30 was preeeetty special. Lots of travels and adventures. A new (tiny) house and with it, a wonderful new community. A bun in the oven. (A girl!). An engagement. All packaged into the pretty, round number of 30!

No offense, but to me, age 31 is a bit less pretty. I'm in my 30s now. No special birthday party. No huge milestone. My 20s already seem pretty far away in the rearview mirror. And I'm feeling pretty confident that this will be one of my most challenging and unpredictable years yet. I'm planning to birth a child. Then start raising her. I'll be a working momma for a majority of this upcoming year, and concurrently trying to plan a wedding (among other things).

But I'm excited for this mysterious, unpredictable, less-pretty stage. And I'd like to start off our year together by making you some promises...

I will take you day by day. A lot is coming up! So much goodness, so much stuff. It's easy sometimes to get overwhelmed with the possibilities and the to-dos. I'll get overcome with gratitude about the exciting things on the horizon, but then those same things will fill me with stress as I imagine how we'll possibly get everything done in time. This year I want to take things in stride.

I will not strive for perfection. This isn't the year for it, I just know it. This is not the year to beat myself up over the to-do-list items left unchecked, the lbs I didn't lose, the photos I didn't print and organize, the mistake I made at work or the community service project I didn't take on. I'll try to be content with doing my best.

I will practice mindfulness. Whether I get back into a regular practice, or simply insert mindfulness into my every day, I'd like to make sure that I'm being more present and aware, and taking time to center and be inside myself.

I will embrace my community. I've never felt so warmly embraced by my friends, family and local community as I have since I've been pregnant. And good timing, too, because I've never craved it so much! This year I want to embrace back, more than ever, and put energy into the people who surround me.

I will take care of my body. My body is going through something amazing right now - I am in awe of it every day! I'm appreciating it's abilities in a whole new way and I am newly committed to taking care of it both for me and little figgy.

Looking forward to the next 525,600 minutes!

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