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Monday, May 25, 2015

Photo from one of our many rides up 
Happy Memorial Day!

Jimbo and I aren't in the country but we're feeling very Patriotic from afar :). We'll be sure to crush some burgers and a beer here in Gothenburg, Sweden, and raise a glass in honor of the holiday.

Sweden is beautiful so far - we're absolutely in love. Today we're exploring Gothenburg and the West Coast archipelago, then tomorrow we'll be heading back East to Stockholm to spend our last few days enjoying the city. Any recommendations on what to do in Stockholm??


Oh, and here are a few little links that I've enjoyed from around the interwebs.....

I like these tips on finding your signature style (I've been working on it).

I think I've been onto this trend for awhile without even knowing it...;). I'm on board!

Have you ever thought about reinventing yourself?

I think I might start doing this - a "time capsule" as a way to remember favorites

Great article about how much STUFF people are accumulating these days. 

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