Getaway :: Sequoia Fire Lookout Tower

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

There's a place in the Sequoia National Forest where you can camp with a view of miles of mountains and millions of stars. My sis was awesome enough to book a night there a couple of weeks ago for a little B-day getaway, so me, Jimbo & Steph drove down to the southwest tip of Sequoia and soaked in our little campsite-with-a-view. We hiked and ate and watched birds and had a fire, and jammed out to our favorite 90s tunes. We read hilarious, romantic and sad stories in the stuffed-full guest journals left behind in the hut, and wrote a 'poem' together (I use that term loosely) to remember the night by. We squished all the earwigs (sorry, earwigs) and tried to cure Jim of his fear of heights. We declared it OK to leave the door open on the cutest little outhouse you ever did see. We made a meal out of olives, cheese, salami and wine and fell asleep to the view of starry, starry skies. 

For more info on the Oak Flat Fire Lookout, click here

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