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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A visit to Vinalhaven, ME in 2011. 
Another busy week has begun!

Jimmy is actually gone all week for work, and although I miss him lots, it's kind of fun to have a whole week of me time in the evenings. Here are some things I do with my time when Jimbo isn't around:
  • Stay up way too late
  • Watch ridiculous things. Seriously....last night I watched part of Annie and the entirety of Wish Upon a Star (for a much welcomed 90s flashback)
  • Face masks, mani pedis, self tanner, etc.
  • Eat weird dinners (last night: raisins, turkey meatballs and an avocado)
  • Random projects that I don't usually get around to (i.e. organizing my photos - I finally got around to that!)
  • Have the girls over

One of other my favorite "me time" activities is browsing around my favorite blogs and storing things away for reading at a later date. Here are some great ones I've come across lately:

     Simple, practical steps towards sharing and embracing your goals.

     How would you describe yourself in five words?

     Here are some facts about bedding that you didn't know you wanted to know.

     Great collection of easy, fresh squash recipes.

     I don't need to read these books quite yet, but it seems like a great list for down the road.

     Interesting article about how Finland is marketing silence.

     Tips for merging mindfulness into the workplace (plus, check out my tips if you're interested!).

Do you do anything funny or unique with your me-time?

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