A Day at Long Lake

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On Saturday, Jimmy and me and our "Tahoe fam" had a magical day at Long Lake, a *secret* place just about 20 miles west of Truckee. The long dirt road + short hike to get there seem to keep randos at bay, so that even on a perfectly sunny, crisp, breezy Labor Day weekend, we had the feeling that it was all to ourselves. A long afternoon in the sun and water followed by a long barbecue with friends - isn't that what Labor Day weekend is all about?  It was just what I needed before a crazy couple of weeks at work. I hope yours was just as restful.

Back in the day (aka when I lived in New England, aka my whole life) I'd be talking about how Fall is around the corner - but not in this little pocket of the earth! We have plenty more sunny days ahead of us here and I ain't afraid to brag about it.  Feel free to visit - we'll go to Long Lake!

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