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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last night Jimbo asked me the most wonderful little question before bed. He said "what have been your happiest moments lately?". I went on to list about a million from the past few months, but there were quite a few strong recurring themes. In each of my happiest "wow I am so lucky" moments, I was:
1. outside
2. with friends
3. exploring a new place
4. next to Jimmy
Usually with some food or beverage in hand. And always with some beautiful nature expanse before me, whether it be a field of flowers, the ocean, or a star filled sky. The memories were a great way to fall asleep.
It's nice to know what makes you happiest, and it's even nicer to know how often I'm coming across times like these lately. Since we've moved here, we've been lucky enough to have quite a few fun, food and nature filled weekend. One of which was when our dear friends Caitlin and Eddie, fellow explorers, came to visit from Boston and we ventured up to Bodega Bay together.
We ventured up Route 1 (the scenic route of course) and camped at Bodega Dunes Campgrounds, right in Sonoma Coast State Park. We slept on a little sandy knoll under the pine trees, and had the beach and the Pacific as our backyard. Our first day was for beach exploring and relaxing; sunsets, card playing and beer. 
The next day we tasted wine at one of our favorite wineries; Dutcher Crossing in Geyserville.  We explored a couple more in Dry Creek as well, then stopped at the Dry Creek General Store (which by the way is one of those adorable places you could just wander around all day. amazing local books and wines. rustic Italian sandwiches. rustic everything. a bar. wrap around porch and people watching. LoVe!).

But we made sure to save some energy for Oysterpalooza in Valley Ford, at Rocker Oysterfeller's. Ahhhmazing. Six bands, two stages, BBQ oysters, Fried Oyster Po Boys, BBQ Brisket, Lagunitas on draught, Dry Creek wines, hay bales, fairy lights, dancing, and friends. How can you beat it?


There are actually even more pics from this happy-inducing trip, but I will save those for another time. And did anyone wonder why my own face was popping up so much more than usual in these photos? It's because the lovely Caitlin shared her gems with me! Thanks @caitk86 for sharing your instagrams!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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