Italy Flashback: Amalfi Part I

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ohhh memories. Jimmy and I Skyped with our good friends back in Italia the other morning, and I've been daydreaming about our time there ever since! It was wonderful to catch up and to get a glimpse of where we used to spend so much time, and it felt like we never left. I miss it. So, what better time to post pictures from the first segment of our amazing trip to the Amalfi Coast?


Jimmy, my sister and I drove down to Amalfi from Montaione, taking our time and making stops along the way, finally arriving in the little town of Nerano about six and a half hours later. Once you're driving along the coast, the twisting narrow roads really slow things down a bit, and the views are absolutely magical. The drive is half the fun.

We pitched a tent at Villagio Nettuno, an awesome little village/resort with a combination of RV and tent campsites, bungalows and mobile homes to rent. It was the perfect place to have water views and still maintain a tight budget. We were only there for two short nights, but we made the best of it by enjoying the wine, people and good food, and by exploring the water and the islands in the best possible way - by boat!

Here are pics from the first half of our Amalfi trip.... I'll post the rest later this week! 

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