Peace Out, Portland!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Well we're outta here! Funny how quickly life has been flipping all around lately. Less than 2 months ago we were fairly convinced we'd be moving permanently to Portland, OR, and here we are, leaving for California tomorrow. We are so excited to get some order back in our lives after a full 8 months of travel, adventure, and unemployment.

For example, here are some things I'm desperately craving:
  1) my own kitchen to cook yummy, healthy meals in
  2) a place to put all my things
  3) the sense of purpose that comes from having a job you enjoy
  4) a gym membership/exercise schedule
  5) I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh yeah, an income.

So I guess I've learned that the nomadic life is not for me, at least not permanently! But don't get me wrong. This hiatus from the "real world" has been amazing. Know what's especially fun? The time after you've accepted a wonderful position but before you've started working, when you can call off the job search and just enjoy being unemployed for a little bit! That's why our almost-two-weeks in Portland has been so lovely. We've relaxed, planned our move to CA, explored the city, checked out about a million happy hours, and enjoyed freedom.

Here are some shots from Portland.....

1. Line for Voodoo Doughnuts on a Saturday
2. North Waterfront Park
3. View of the Burnside Bridge
4. Food carts
5. the International Rose Test Garden 
6. Forest Park
7. Our little Airbnb apartment
8. Wine, beer & Settlers

If you guessed that these pictures aren't all from the past two weeks, would be right. I'm a cheater. It's been miserably gray while we've been here and therefore, no fun to take pictures! I didn't want to present lovely Portland in that way. So instead, the outdoor shots are leftover from the last time we were here. But we did visit each of these places while we were here this time, too... so I'm not that big of a cheater.

Now time for some packing & sleep - we're heading south tomorrow, to be in Ashland, OR by night!

p.s. the Airbnb link is my referral link, so if you sign up I'll end up getting travel credit when you take a trip! Jim and I absolutely love it - we used it to book our apartments in Sardinia and Puglia, too. We've found many wonderful apartments and B&Bs, sometimes for less than $20/night, and we'll be using it to transition to CA, too. Fully recommended!

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