Was I Dreaming?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Was I just dreaming? Or did all of this Italian beauty truly happen??

It's been almost a month since our return (and almost a month since my last post...oops!), and to be honest it's been wonderful spending time with friends and family, eating our beloved and missed sushi and burritos, and reacquainting ourselves with the wonders of the modern world. But strangely, as more time passes, our amazing five months in Italy seems more and more like it was just a dream. Jim and I agree that when we were there time infinitely slowed down, to the point where at times we forgot that we would have to leave. It felt like our home; like we would be there forever. But now that we're back in the fast-paced suburban world we call home, it feels like our time in Italy was just a hallucination.

Thank goodness for a) pictures b) friends and c) scars that can all attest to the fact that we WERE indeed on a farm in Tuscany for five months! I can't wait to keep posting pictures from the rest of our time in Italy, allowing me to relive it all. After all I need something to prevent me from working too diligently on my job search, right? Right.

So keep reading ragazzi - more of Italy and of course our upcoming adventures to come!

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