Quick Snip of Sarda

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We were on the beautiful island of Sardinia for the past 5 days, enjoying an amazing week of pizza, cards, beaches, reading, snorkeling, wine, exploring, and more pizza. I'll have more to share later, but here's a snippet for now!

1. a river alongside the ocean at Osalla
2. lovely Sardinian jewelry at Cala Gonone
3. sunshine beach cruisin' on the scooter
4. barefoot hike through the dunes
5. the most beautiful beach - Oasi Bidderosa
6. old bessie basking in the evening glow
7. Jimmy nervous about losing at Scopa
8. clouds rolling in over the hills
9. the clearest water and whitest sand
10. umbrella pine forests are enchanting
11. sunset over Corsica from the ferry ride home

Ciao ciao raggazi!

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