Benvenuti a Barbialla Nuova!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ciao miei amici! Please bear with me for a bit as I a) go overboard with the Italian phrases and b) bounce around on the blog a bit (I still want to finish up on my Europe trip so there will be a post or two on that coming up).

We have made it to Tuscany!! We're currently in our little abode here at Agriturismo Barbialla Nuova. And we are loving it, to say the least. We feel right at home.....maybe because we've been planning it for so long that on some level we were already here, maybe because of our wonderfully gracious hosts, or maybe because we are so truly doing what we want be doing, that it just feels right.  Whatever the reason, it's a wonderful feeling of contentment, and I'm so happy that it's just the beginning.

This is just a glimpse of our arrival and our new home.

After a mediocre cross-Atlantic flight, a rushed transfer in London and a bus ride across Rome, we finally checked into "Hotel Touring" (which we booked on my iPhone, 2 minutes before they called for no electrics on our flight). We skipped 2 meters down the road for a quick bite at Ristorante "Est Est Est!" before passing out to some Italian music videos.

We woke up to catch a quick train to Florence, then to San Miniato, where we were picked up by some of our lovely hosts at Barbialla: Guido & Ivano.

And finalmente, 15 minutes later, we were at Barbialla Nuova! Our first few days have consisted of exploring the property, learning the ropes, eating delicious and fresh Italian food, and lending a hand wherever we can. Jim and I are feeling extremely content; like we're in a magical piece on this earth, and we could make a difference here. 

Le Trosce is one of the three rentable farm houses on the property, and as opposed to the other two, it isn't split into separate apartments; the whole building is rented out as a gorgeous villa. More posts on this place later - the views are beyond incredible! (and if you're wondering, yes there is still availability at Le Trosce this summer :))

Here are some images of our backyard:

That's it; like I said - just a glimpse for now! And happy Memorial Day weekend to you all back home xxo.




  1. wow, all of these images are absolutely beautiful!!
    xo TJ

  2. How wonderful! Everything looks perfect! Can't wait to hear more updates.

    Love you both!

  3. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous, so happy your having a wonderful time! You deserve it :)

    Miss you already!


  4. Greetings! I am an American who has recently moved to Florence and I am working for Vista Magazine, which is an English publication for tourists and foreigners living in Italy. I am interested in doing a story on your experience working in Tuscany for the summer. (Is this through WOOF?) I think your story is quite an adventurous one, and I would love to cover it and others similar. Please feel free to email me at Hope you are enjoying this beautiful country!

    Tawney Hughes


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