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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next stop: Moab, Utah
We arrived in Moab in the late afternoon, so we chose just one place to check out before dark; a nearby State Park known for it's amazing canyon views.
We had no idea what to expect, so we were both swept off our feet by the beautiful & enormous canyon views.
Having camped in shower-less campgrounds for a couple of days, we made good use of our camp shower in the Moab high school parking lot, then had a great night of live folk, nachos and micro-brews at Eddie McStiff's, and a long visit at the Moab laundromat...

When we left the laundromat it was pouring, and we returned to our campsite to find our tent upside down in a bush and covered in sand. It was a long night of protecting ourselves from tent leaks and waiting for our tent to get swept into the Colorado River, and the cherry on the cake was waking up to see that a laundry bin full of Jim's awesome stuff had been stolen off of the top of the car. BUT, we threw on our game faces and headed out to tackle Arches!

We loved Arches, but in all honesty our favorite parts of Moab were Deadhorse Point, the laundromat, and the downtown! We weren't able to check out Canyonlands or the other 3,567 things to do there, so we'll have to return some day. Next stop, Telluride, CO....

more to come!!!

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