1st Stop, Dallas

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welp, it's true, ya can't plan for everything. The flight from Dallas to Seattle was late and oversold by 28, so we took two $400 flight vouchers (anybody wanna go to Whistler this winter??) and a free room at Comfort Suites in exchange for giving up our seats (helping to lower a couple people's blood pressure). All we had to do was sit on the floor near the gate, play our mini chess game, and let Cheryl the counter lady hook us the F up!

Waiting for the shuttle outside, we found out that Dallas is hot in the summer. Al can vouch for the 98 degree heat at 11pm...and also for the presence of biting ants (the pants kind) in Texas.

Best part of the day was free dinner! Top that off with a good shower/sleep and we were flying high. WA state in the morning!

Tiny Chess

Al gettin antsy

Bc she sat on an ant-hill

Free Domino's! Thanks American

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